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Hi, I'm Daz!

Founder of Kinetic Energy

Hi I’m Daz, a health and wellbeing practitioner as well as a nutritional coach for body transformation and performance.

Throughout my life I’ve understood the importance of a positive outlook. It’s helped me through 32 years of unblemished service in both the Royal Navy and Police which has given me a special outlook on life where wisdom, reflection and resilience have made me the stronger man I am today. I now coach and empower my clients to achieve the same positive vision of what life can be like.

My clients know me to have an honest and friendly approach that understands the realities of life and that we all need to be treated as individuals in the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment.

I am genuinely grateful that you are here visiting my website today. I created this page so that you can get a feel for the coach behind the business as I share my passion with you.

Work with me

Qualifications & Awards

  • Level 6 Advanced diploma in Food and Nutrition
  • Level 3 & 5 ILM Coach and Mentor
  • Level 4 BTN Academy Nutrition coach
  • Level 3 VTCT Sports Massage therapist
  • Level 3 BTEC in Education and Training
  • Level 2 CYQ Gym Instructor
  • Competitive NPA natural bodybuilder British finalist 
 2016, 2018 & 2021
  • 2018 NPA South West Lightweight Champion
  • Previously a competing ultra-runner and triathlete

comments from our customers

“Daz has provided lots of talks to our staff and has always had fantastic feedback. He is always professional, efficient and a pleasure to work alongside and his knowledge around all areas of wellbeing but particularly in relation to nutrition and physical health is invaluable. Most importantly Daz is totally authentic and genuinely passionate about helping others”

Natasha Hill Wellbeing Practitioner & Police Officer Devon and Cornwall Police

“I started working with Daz after signing up to his 90 days of awesomeness challenge.
Although it was a hard start Daz was there to support, motivate and encourage me every day.
Daz helped me to understand my own physiology and listen to what my body was telling me.
I am pleased to say that due to the challenge I undertook with Daz I have lost almost 4 stone in 6 months.
I can wholeheartedly recommend Daz for anything health, wellness and fitness related.”

Gavin Harris Kernow Media

“As responsible leaders we have a responsibility to look after the wellbeing of our workforce. Having known Daz for several years I had no hesitation in asking him to speak at our departmental event. He is brilliantly passionate about shining a spotlight on what individuals can do to help themselves with this by creating healthy habits, something we should all seek to do”

S.H. HM Government

“Daz spoke about health and wellbeing in the workplace, a really important issue for business owners who often neglect their own health and wellbeing. Daz's talk was not only motivational, but engaging too and the attendees gained a lot of tips to help them. He kindly stayed behind to answer questions from the attendees at the end.

Vanessa Gale – FSB Operational Support Coordinator – Devon/Cornwall

““I feel motivated to move towards healthier choices after attending the nutritional workshop. I'm feeling more informed about things, and I would recommend it to others.””

Sea Sanctuary

“I have done more for myself with the support of Daz at Kinetic Energy in 2 months than I have in the past 20 years by creating new eating and exercise habits.

Daz has inspired me to address my own lack of discipline, to learn more, how to correctly change my diet, become active and perform exercise routines in a safe manner. ”


“I have tried every diet under the sun and having lost weight, through depriving myself, put more back on! But having the support of Daz at Kinetic Energy I have relearnt and re-established my relationship with food. Daz is supportive with his emails and educational with his sessions. He is there to answer any questions and being motivational constantly. My only regret is that I do not live nearer so that I could join in his exercise classes too. I am still on my journey but am so far 1&1/2 stone lighter

Thank you Daz, you are a legend.”

Tina Athwal

“I approached Darren about 8 months ago as I desperately needed help with my weight and fitness. I had turned 50 and knew I needed to sort things out as I had really let myself go. I was totally embarrassed and ashamed of how I was, but Daz was truly amazing, always looking at the positive and encouraging me to move forward, teaching me how to create new habits etc. I am thrilled to say I have lost 2 stone but also so much fitter and healthier. A great nutritional and fitness coach”

Pia Birnie

“We would recommend any company looking to invest in a healthier future for their staff to talk to Daz and see what he can do”

Neil Skyba, Operations Director - Polymermedics Ltd

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